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At the helm of Cinefilm*, producers with experience in carrying out projects with diverse specifications join efforts and competencies in the realization of original projects.

Fernanda Senatori - Head de Operações - cinefilm*

Fernanda Senatori ​

Executive Director

With a master’s degree in Cultural Production from Brandeis University, Boston/USA, and a graduation in audiovisual studies at FAAP. Fernanda has worked as an executive producer for over 25 years, operating the entire production chain and providing services to major players in the market. She worked at ANCINE in the International Relations sector, encouraging partnerships between foreign companies and Brazilian production’s companies in co-productions.

At Cinefilm*, she works on the strategic planning of the company and in the management of new businesses, partnerships, and audiovisual content.

Flavio Volanten - sócio fundador - cinefilm*

Flávio Vonlanten

Founding Partner

Began his professional career in 2003 at the Product Licensing Department of TWDC Brazil. In 2012, he founded Cinefilm*. He was the executive producer of the series “Que Talento” (3 seasons), “Dino Aventuras” in co-production with Danone, and “Juacas” (3 seasons).

Today, he is part of Cinefilm*’s board as well as other companies in different fields of activity.

Mariane Nunes - Head de Desenvolvimento de Projetos - cinefilm*

Mariane Nunes ​

Head of Project Development

Post-graduate in Service Marketing from FAAP, she has been active in the industry for 18 years, with the last eight focused on project development. She has worked for production companies such as Glaz, Boutique Filmes, and Mixer, holding roles as Executive Coordinator and Associate Producer in national productions and international co-productions of various formats and genres.

At Cinefilm*, she curates the catalog and supervises project development.

Camila Dogo Laseri - Diretora de RH - cinefilm*

Camila Dogo Laseri

HR Director

Graduated in Psychology from PUC-SP and holding an MBA from FIA/USP, she has a consolidated career of over 20 years in the field of Human Resources. She has worked for major corporations such as Itaú, Unilever, Kluber, and Warner Bros. Passionate about human issues, Camila works on topics that help individuals achieve their personal purposes fully. In her HR journey, she has been involved in all subsystems of the field, gaining experience in constructive and consultative relationships within her teams.

At Cinefilm*, she is the HR director and works with leadership in Brazil and Argentina.

Miriam Milane diretora financeira cinefilm*

Miriam Milane

Chief Financial Officer

Miriam has over 30 years of experience in the financial market within companies spanning diverse sectors including industrial, legal, advertising and digital marketing agencies, digital media, and audiovisual production.

At Cinefilm*, she acts as the Chief Financial Officer, working closely with leadership teams in Brazil and Argentina.

Joana Rochadel - Gerente de Produção Cinefilm*

Joana Rochadel

Production Manager

Audiovisual producer with a degree in Cinema from ECA-USP and a postgraduate degree in Project Management from FGV. Since 2000, she has been producing films, TV programs, and audiovisual festivals, not only in Brazil but also in Chile and the United States. As the Film Funding Coordinator for the National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile, she contributed to shaping and facilitating culturally impactful projects.

She served as the Executive Producer of the feature film “Levante” (Power Alley), which was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival 2023. At Cinefilm*, she worked on series such as “Radar Pet” (as an Executive Producer), “Tudo Igual… SQN” (All the Same… or Not) as Production Coordinator, and as a Delegate Producer on co-productions for Disney+: “A Magia de Aruna” (Aruna’s Magic), “Tá Tudo Certo” (It’s All Right!), “Mila no Multiverso” (Mila in the Multiverse) and “O Coro: Sucesso, Aqui Vou Eu” (The Chorus: Success, Here I Go).

Luisa Espindola - Gerente de Projetos na Cinefilm*

Luísa Espindola

Project Manager

Graduated in Social Communication from ESPM (School of Advertising and Marketing of São Paulo) and post-graduated in Cultural Management from SENAC, she has previously worked in executive production for audiovisual projects at companies such as Mixer Films and Porta dos Fundos, from the VIACOM group. She has also worked with art exhibitions through NU Projetos de Arte, at SESC Santo André and Pompéia units.

Since 2020, Luísa has been part of the executive production team at Cinefilm*. Currently as Project Manager, she oversees the planning, execution, and delivery of Cinefilm*’s projects, ensuring performance and communication among teams, process documentation, and deadlines.

Desde 2020, faz parte da equipe de produção executiva da Cinefilm*. Atualmente como Gerente de Projetos, coordena o planejamento, execução e entrega dos projetos da casa, garantindo desempenho e comunicação entre equipes, documentação de processos e cumprimento de prazos.


Mariana Betoni

Production Manager

Mariana Betoni holds a degree in Social Communication from IESB (Institute of Higher Education of Brasília) and discovered her passion for audiovisual while deeply involved in the music universe.

Throughout her career, she has played a significant role in producing a wide variety of music videos, DVD recordings, major music festivals, and live broadcast events. Over the years, she has directed her career towards producing TV series and expanded into producing feature films and streaming series, both creatively and executively.

Since 2020, she has been part of the executive team at Cinefilm*, as a Production Manager, ensuring that every stage of the projects she oversees and leads are executed with efficiency and excellence.

Joana Rochadel - Gerente de Produção Cinefilm*

Joana Rochadel

Gerente de Produção

Produtora Audiovisual com formação em Cinema pela ECA-USP e pós-graduação em Gerenciamento de Projetos pela FGV. Desde 2000 produz filmes, programas de TV e festivais audiovisuais, não só no Brasil, mas também no Chile e nos Estados Unidos.

Como Coordenadora de Editais da Secretaria do Audiovisual do Chile contribuiu para moldar e viabilizar projetos de impacto cultural.

Foi Produtora Executiva do longa “Levante”, premiado no Festival de Cannes 2023. Na Cinefilm, atuou nas séries “Radar Pet” (como Produtora Executiva), “Tudo Igual… SQN” (Coordenadora de Produção), e, como Produtora Delegada, nas coproduções para Disney+ “A Magia de Aruna”, “Tá Tudo Certo”, “Mila no Multiverso” e “O Coro: Sucesso, Aqui Vou Eu”.

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