Não foi Minha Culpa

Not My Fault – Brazil​

  • Fiction Anthology Series

  • 1 season

  • Aired on: Star+

  • Nominated for Best Direction (Susanna Lira) at the PRODU Awards

It’s Carnival in Brazil. The country’s most popular and democratic celebration, bringing together people from different places, age groups, and social classes. During the holiday, with temporal freedom to the past and future, cases of feminicide (or attempted) related to this cultural manifestation that spreads freedom, love, and joy will be portrayed.

  • Script:
    Juliana Rosenthal, Michelle Ferreira

  • Directed by:
    Susanna Lira, Marcio Schoenardie

  • Main cast:
    Malu Mader, Dandara Mariana, Elisa Lucinda, Bianca Comparato, Lorena Comparato, Fernanda Nobre, Virginia Rosa, Karol Lannes, Ana Paula Secco, Aline Dias, Simone Iliescu, Luana Xavier, Gabrielle Joie, Sandra Corveloni, Daniel Blanco, César Melo, João Baldasserini, Dalton Vigh, Armando Babaioff.



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