Dois Tempos

Time Switch

  • Fiction Series

  • 1 season

  • Aired on: Star+

A 2022 influencer and a young lesbian from 1922 go through tragedies that could ruin their lives: one is canceled on the internet, and the other is coerced into marriage. Wanting to disappear to see if the problems disappear with them, the two go to sleep and end up time-traveling, waking up in each other’s bodies.

  • Created by:
    Ariana Saiegh

  • Script:
    Ariana Saiegh, Giuliano Cedroni, Mariana Tesch, Caroline Margoni, Tainá Muhringer, Otavio Chamorro, Jackeline Scarpelli

  • Directed by:
    Vera Egito

  • Main cast:
    Mari Oliveira, Sol Menezzes, Dadá Coelho, Agda Couto, Pâmela Germano, Martha Nowill, Leonardo Bianchi, Paulo Rocha, Breno Ferreira, Luiza Nery, Isabella Moreira



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