Radar Pet

  • Non-fiction series – 1 season

  • Aired on: National Geographic

Join this race against time in the search for missing pets. Barão, Irá, and Gugo are scent hounds capable of facing any challenge. Together with canine behavior experts, they accurately trace the paths taken by lost pets.

  • Created by:
    Bruno Bluwol and Flávio Vonlanten

  • Directed by:
    Juliana de Mendonça Vonlanten, Andrea Rise Jundi, and Gustavo da Silva Ribeiro

  • Executive Production:
    Joana Rochadel and Maria Laura Cesar

  • Main cast:
    Rapha Aleixo, Ana Paula Correa Aleixo, Caio Martins, Diego Paredes, Maísa Lopes, Paulo Sérgio, Jorge Pereira, Marcela Lorenzoni, and Alex Prata.



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