• Fiction series – 2 seasons

  • Aired on: Disney Channel

In the second season, the Juacas return to Itacaré, defeated in the National Championship but willing to compete again in CAOSS. The Sirenas will need to train hard to represent in this year’s competition, now with the responsibility of inspiring new female and mixed teams to register. The Red Sharks are also back with new techniques and a new mysterious coach, arousing curiosity from everyone, especially Guga and Toco. The growth of each character, especially the Juacas, will lead them to question if, sometimes, keeping a dream is more difficult than achieving it.

  • Script:
    André Rodrigues, André Catarinacho, Janaína Harada Duarte, Mariana Zatz, and Marcos Ferraz

  • Directed by:
    Juliana Volanten and Marcelo Trotta

  • Executive Production:
    Rafaella Costa

  • Main cast:
    Bruno Astuti, Carolina Oliveira, Mari Azevedo, Gabriel Chadan, Clara Caldas, Suzy Rêgo, Nuno Leal Maia, Larissa Murai, André Lamoglia, Marino Canguçú, Rafael Castro, Juan Ciancio.


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