Tudo Igual… SQN!

All the Same... or Not

  • Fiction series – 2 seasons

  • Aired on: Disney +

Carol and her friends prepare for a new year at school, beach, and fun in their beloved Rio de Janeiro. What they don’t imagine is that their friendship will be put to the test. Carol will have to face her mother’s marriage, her stepfather as a teacher, her unbearable half-brother as a classmate, and all in the same house! She will also meet her first love and face the personal problems of her friends Beta, Trix, Pri, and Amanda. But they will manage to face all this together… not!

  • Based on the book “Na Porta ao Lado” by Luly Trigo

  • Script:
    André Rodrigues, Juliana Vonlanten, Luly Trigo, Leandro Matos, Fernanda Brandalise

  • Directed by:
    Juliana Vonlanten, Marcelo Trotta, Suzy Milstein

  • Main cast:
    Gabriella Saraivah, Ana Jeckel, Duda Matte, Clara Buarque, Guilhermina Libanio, Daniel Botelho, Ronald Sotto, Guthierry Sotero, Miá Mello, Kiko Pissolato.



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